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Selling your home can be a daunting process but never fear your Summit County Realtor is here to help.

Need a change of scenery or just a different mountain view? Ready to sell your home?

If you are wanting to sell your home, we can help you throughout the entire selling process. We start the process with accurate pricing, so your home can meet your financial needs. That means it can sell more quickly, and you can maximize your investment.

Marketing Strategy red logo Peak State Properties
Marketing Strategy logo Peak State Properties

Marketing Strategy:

When you sell your home with us, we include a comprehensive marketing strategy so that your house sells quickly and to the right people. This includes listing promotion, a unique mix of advertising strategies and maximum coverage in front of potential buyers.

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Attentive Care:

We are focused on one thing: YOU! We include everything from personalized communication, excellent feedback and even getting down and dirty with actual help during your move.

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We ensure that anyone interested in your home is pre-qualified to avoid unnecessary inconveniences or loss of precious time. We want to sell your house quickly and efficiently!

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Whether or not you are the kind of person who wants daily updates or monthly updates, we promise to always communicate the needs of the sale and be honest about the market and what is going on with your property.

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Low pricing with Peak State Properties


Through our in-depth knowledge of the market, we ensure your house is priced correctly so that it sells quickly and meets your financial needs.

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The Selling Process With Peak State Properties

Selling each home is unique and we will tailor our marketing strategies according to the specific needs of your home. You will receive a personalized selling experience, starting with a market analysis to determine the price of your home. As we progress through the selling process we will make adjustments to meet your needs.

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